Good Friday – A Week into the Easter Break

The first week of the Easter break is now complete; although it hasn’t really been a break for anyone, I suspect. The weather has been fantastic but another suspicion, sadly is, some will have been out and seemed to have missed that there is a globL pandemic taking tale at the moment and people are dying.

I tweeted yesterday, my view that the government are leading well and answering questions well. We all have our political views and I certainly have mine. I never share them though and in my job, never will – that in itself can be somewhat boring but needs and impartiality must! Politics aside, either way; well done to Boris and his team. Congratulations also to their usual opposition; at the moment, there appears to be no cross-party digs and all are pulling together. Would this not be a great way to work always? I think so and hope that happens when this ends.

LEGO free version

The great weather and fewer pressing tasks have enabled time to get outdoors. I’ve helped make an Easter Garden both at work at at home. I’m not too sure that the home version with LEGO figures on he cross are no fitting with the faith but on the other hand, it has meant the son has taken an interest and learnt something. I wish you all a Happy Easter and to all Christians, an extra special prayer. New life and new beginnings are certainly welcome at this time.

Easter Garden

As a school Principal (I prefer headteacher), I am so proud of the team. This week, during a holiday period I have had staff volunteer and attend to take care of the children of key workers, one is an NQT and another in her second year. They have certainly earned themselves brownie points and are in my eyes, entitled to a holiday in term time. I have heard that unions and some other bodies have advised against certain offerings but if you look after your staff and work towards a common cause, what is the issue! I will absolutely look after my staff and appreciate what they do. I know too, they know that and do what they do because they want to.

Well, it has been an enjoyable day in my house. I feel greatly for those not as fortunate as me. I have a garden and a job that still pays. Yes, I go and mix with the children of key workers and may well be at a greater risk of getting the coronavirus. Nothing however is certain in life. I feel for those that have lost their income. I feel greatly for those that don’t have a garden. I feel too for those that have limited space and struggle to cope in confined spaces.

I really hope and send my best wishes to anyone and all that are finding these times hard. Be safe and strong. In time, we will get through this and be back. Then, we can be our best selves and enjoy a free life, together.

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