Days Off

It’s all about the People

When all is said and done, it’s all about the people. As we get to the end of the term in the world of education many people will be looking forward to spending time with loved ones. With the threat of more restrictions, we will have to have a party in the garden with some wine and cheese – that’s the way to do it according to Boris.

I’d like to say that is a joke on the side but the behaviour of such people really is shocking. It is all about the people; the people that make us laugh, those that have fun and get us up in the morning. It was cut a little bit short but I would’ve now officially finished a stint in secondary provision where I have to say the whole secondary side of things was exciting, interesting, fascinating and intriguing. It wasn’t any harder than Primary, nor any easier. Many people don’t respect the differences between phases but I do. The hardest thing of all is people. If you think about it, in any walk of life that would be true. People and their attitudes, decisions, responses, mindset and the challenge. People can also make things easier!

Someone once told me that if you respect a person, listen to their opinion. And if you do not respect someone, then do not listen to their opinion. And that works both ways.

Maisie Williams

In a very difficult world where things are hard, Covid aside, people on the streets; crime, trying to make ends meet – why is it that some people have to try and make other people’s life hard? Why is it that some people need to try and win rather than support, help, nurture and develop? We should all be trying to help others. I had a great time at secondary, despite the challenges. Some people spurred me on positively and others, lacking the positivity, spurred me on for different reasons and I am better for it, so thank you.

I will always keep helping others and doing my best to make the life of those less fortunate as good as it can be. I will champion those willing to share ideas and I will listen to and respect their thoughts. Where we have a difference of opinion, we will talk, discuss and seek to understand. All of this should, I think, involve empathy and a humbleness that shows that we care and don’t have to win because life itself is not a competition. Life is not lived one way and one way only. If you ask for anything for Christmas, this year ask for the ability to respect others and love them. Don’t judge just because they have a different opinion to you and then you’ll probably not go far wrong. Have a great Christmas.

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