I trained at Bangor Normal College, North Wales, completing a four-year B.Ed. (Hons) in Physical and Adventurous Education in 1997. My first teaching post took me to Hornsea Primary School (East Yorkshire) where I very quickly became the Physical Education Co-ordinator and driver of various extra-curricular clubs before moving to Victoria Dock Primary School in Kingston upon Hull in September 2001.

I never had any desire to be out of the classroom but was ‘cleverly’ given various opportunities and before I knew it I was agreeing to take on the leadership roles which eventually led to me being appointed Head Teacher in July, 2007 – at Victoria Dock Primary School.

After a very successful 14 years at Victoria Dock, I moved to Leicester and became Principal of Krishna Avanti Primary School, a Hindu faith Primary school which is part of the Avanti School Trust.

I have always enjoyed sports of many kinds, football being the main one. I have played various sports since my Middle School days and continued playing football as a centre back despite my lack of real height before a break from playing a few years ago when the manager implied I was getting too old Both of my parents were born and bred in Liverpool and this no doubt had everything to do with my allegiance to Everton F.C.

I believe passionately that everybody is great at something and we should respect each other without holding people back. Go for it, make mistakes and prove the doubters wrong. Enterprise education and physical education are the most important foundations in life and cover absolutely everything you will ever need – my opinion!

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