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Tighter Measures – Necessary?

Thanks for the announcement Boris. Tighter measures looming and they will be appreciated by some and others, deplored. Where do you sit in all of this?

As I’ve stated since mid March, it’s really difficult and you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. We can all see the many out and about, ignoring distancing and being a bit too close beyond their bubbles. This kind of thing really doesn’t help. There are people that come and stand close to you at the pedestrian crossing, quite clearly within 2 metres. I’d estimate 30 centimetres. Had it been a wet day and I had my brolly, the distance would have easily been maintained but a stare and side step was needed.

We said at the start that Covid19 would not just go away and people need to learn to live with it for some time – the length of time unknown. Simple rules need to be obeyed and those that are fortunate enough to be unaffected, you are fortunate, yet still have a duty to others.

The weekly school podcast has been completed and sent. Great that a group of primary pupils are keen to learn and want to get it out into the world. Check it out at We are in these times of distribution to learning yet our children are more than capable of leading their own learning – let’s not be so precious in needing to be the fountain of knowledge and let them go do things faster.

Many things in life are simpler that many think. I’ve always been a fan of simplicity. Not too sure that makes sense but if something needs doing, stop talking about it and do it. If it needs adapting, do that when it needs it and enjoy the developments.

Have a great day.

One thought on “Tighter Measures – Necessary?

  1. Absolutely correct.
    Unfortunately with the majority of the younger allegedly adult, they seem to fall short in the understanding department.
    To put it another way,


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