Merry Christmas?

As we help our children put out the carrots, cake and drink, spare a thought for those in the world not so fortunate to be celebrating as we can do. Christmas cheer for some is impossible, maybe because Mum, Dad, brother, sister or child have recently left this world; maybe even not so recently.

There are people suffering alone and fighting back tears when others get on in blissful ignorance. This is not about ruining a great celebration – it is just about being aware. Many people you know or don’t, will suffer in silence. Take a moment to think of others less fortunate than yourself and give a little – that is my aim for the new year.

Until then, I’ll be making my lad’s Christmas fabulous, magical and the best it can be. Raise a glass to those dearly departed; the homeless; the hardworking unemployed; the orphaned and ill, terminal or not. Think of those you can’t really think about because really, we don’t know.

Love you Mum xx. Off now to sprinkle some reindeer food.

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