Days Off

Campervan Life Begins

It’s been a couple of years in the planning – buying a campervan to set off and enjoy the endless walks and cycling. A bit of surfing and swanning off abroad when we can.

It’s my third trip away – the first being a one night jaunt to Shropshire where Chris decides we tackle the hill (Burway) that Chris Boardman said ‘wasn’t comfortable’. I know exactly what he means and totally missed the fell runners and motorists cheering us on as we climbed. ‘You must be mad’ was apparently said by a few as they pulled over to not make us stop – thoughtful but just added to the pressure!

Burley Hill Conquered

A week later we set off for Goodison to watch Everton beat Crystal Palace. We stopped in Delamere and enjoyed a night walk. Properly pitch black it was a good job we had the torch. Storm Ciara was raging and it was certainly a great test for the campervan. A week later we are in Derbyshire and Storm Dennis is about. If we can camp in this kind of weather I think we will be good for most trips.

Dan and Kate on the Teversal Trail

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