Easter or not, it’s Tuesday!

Happy Easter holiday to all the teachers out there. It is Tuesday and it’s not Easter as you know it. Usually by now we would be away at Center Parcs, camping or in the garden marking books. Bit odd really that we are craving to be in school to take care of children, unpaid. ThT is no complaint; most of us realise how fortunate we are I these time to be getting paid and not furloughed.

Watched a great home film earlier by Rev. Anthony about the Easter story. Really was great to appreciate how local people are finding ways around the need to maintain social distancing yet maintain contact. The film included a welcome, story, demo and sharing of a constructed Easter Garden. My son is by no means religious but he was interested and very keen to make an Easter garden himself; that is on the list for tomorrow.

Building an Easter Garden

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I’ll not be in school tomorrow. We have just one child attending and I was told by staff to stay at home. You know you have a great team when the NQT tells you to stay at home as you’ve been in every day so far and you should have a day off. It really does strike a chord and make you proud to be part of that team that recognises the work.

To finish today’s piece, I want to wish everyone struggling but with a special mention for Mr Boris Johnson. You see negative comments, slurs and derogatory comments about people but regardless of political views or other, no one should be wishing ill on others. Mr Johnson has led well in these difficult times and I wish him a speedy recovery and want him back at the helm. Get well Boris, Mr Prime Minister.

Be safe all. Stay at home and save lives. Don’t be one of these fools that flout the guidance and cause death by ignoring the advice of experts.

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