School’s Out – Day 13

It is Wednesday and lockdown continues (in my humble opinion, correctly so). It is the first day for me as a teacher, at home with my son, homeschooling. It is great when he turns around at 09:00 and tells you he has finished his work set (English and mathematics). He did start at 08:00 and having looked, he has cracked on with it and got it done. From a teaching point of view, it does support my long standing theory that we should start school at 10:00 and finish at 14:00. Work hard and more to the point, smartly and allow quality family time at breakfast and in the evenings. I am sure we would have a greater, more civilised and mentally stable community where we know the point of existence. Not tests and league tables and the like.

The sun shone and the garden looks good. I could get used to working at home but knowing there was work to do was a barrier.

Interesting times but most importantly, be safe.

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