School’s Out – Day 16

Monday 27th April and week four of schools being closed. I am hearing more from colleagues across the country about parents getting impatient and wanting the children back at school. As I understand it we are just over the peak (or about at it) so it is still too soon for all to go back to normal. Did I not read/hear that it will take some time to get back to normal?

Please stop panicking and losing patience. When we want to get great at something we know it takes time, practice and perseverance. Getting through this, I think, will be the same.

It was a really busy day today with video calls, preparation for remote working and planning for the times ahead. When we think that working at home is preferable and easier, it does have that novelty effect but there comes a time when you’d rather be back in the busy bustle of a lively school.

A big positive to shout about is Dan walking around the garden. He is by no means a lazy lad. It is great because he is doing it for a purpose; to raise money for the NSPCC. We spent some time, going into the night, walking around the grass. 32m each lap on the way to Goodison Park. He initially set out to raise £150 but has now passed £600. The grass is partly worn so I shall have to strategically plan the route to ensure the distance is the same.

Whatever you are doing to remain busy and fit, be safe and be patient. We don’t want to be rushing back too soon and having more suffer and lose lives – it really is not worth it.

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