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Stay Alert- Some Don’t Understand 2m

It is the weekend and the sun has been out some of the time. As we consider the various ways of welcoming children back at school – because social distancing in primaries is not so simple – it is hugely annoying that several pairs of people on a mid-day walk in lots of space can’t be bothered to Stay Alert and maintain any form of social distancing. Either that or 8 weeks on they are getting their 2 metres mixed up with 2 feet!

Still flicking through he book from Paul – Half a Lettuce. Dan saw it and commented on the title – “Why would you want half a lettuce?” Not sure if deliberate, he then pit it on the floor as a doorstop! SO many memories and great lines, so shall be using them depending on the mood – some note, I already use lots being that Sewell Group and Paul were such great partners.

Your people wear one of two badges. They say either ‘We care’ or ‘We don’t care’.

The run was a bit slower than the normal pace today. I am wondering if that is some way connected to a national slowness in thought. The route is a pretty good one with plenty of space so people can move without getting stuck. It is though, very evident that so many people think this Coronavirus has passed and we can all hug each other. No effort whatsoever from two pairs of people, as said, on my run. It was not a tight space so that was not the problem. Pure idiocy or ignorance is what it is, and that is the problem with returning to school. IF, we could be confident that the general public were using their common sense and still being very careful; very alert; and maintaining the distances and hygiene, then at least the risks of children back at school (again where social distancing in the groups will not happen), are minimised. The issue is though, the likelihood is, a proportion of those children returning will have mixed outside of school with others.

As a parent I would understand that the school can’t maintain the distance and in a half-class sized group my child will mix and not social distance. It is however the others that have allowed their children to mix with all and anyone out of school, or have done some themselves, that poses the greater risk. The thing is, I know that that has happened, having seen friends across families (more than one), out playing together, on bikes around the streets. And the garden parties doing the same. Whilst in lockdown at least, we can protect ourselves. With children returning to school, we are relying so much on others having done the same – oh dear!

Quite a productive day anyway. Have washed the cars and jet-washed the patio. Finished the day off introducing Dan to MIB. The question now is, ‘Are there aliens amongst us?’


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