Covid-19 / Days Off

Wet, Windy and Wonderful

A day of next to no work. A day to have a walk, watch an old film. A day to recuperate. But for the past couple of months, well covid19, we’d have been en-route to St. Ives today and by now, there, pitched and overlooking the bay. Instead, here we are still in Leicester having had a wet and windy day with a walk to break it all up.

We are often far too busy sorting a number of things for others. Sometimes paid to do so and often not, doing for free stuff that we feel obliged to and neglecting our own. Some may well say that is charitable and very worthy. I don’t necessarily disagree but we should not be neglecting our own. It was certainly very enjoyable enjoying some simple but lovely family time.

And Relax

View on the walk and run.

Day two of the weekend was not so wet not windy but relaxed again. A game of labyrinth and then an online Escape Room. We succeeded and pleasingly, we all contributed and solved the case. Earlier in the day I completed a 5k run, but I seemed to be getting slower. What I did miss today was the daily briefing from Number 10. From the posts on my twitter feed it wasn’t a great one for those in the Conservative party – shall catch up that later! I am however well aware, much to my disbelief, that another update for schools arrived today. I’ve not really commented on it yet but the number of updates and the timing are ridiculous.

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