School’s Out – Day 38

Another beautiful day of scorching sun: an invite to talk on the radio (or answer a question for 30 seconds); and a run and bike ride. I am starting to wonder now how our children are getting on with lockdown, we’ll those that are still sticking to the spirit of it – there are certainly some in Leicester Forest East that are not!

Earlier today there was some excitement. The one booking for tomorrow at school was cancelled. A day off; time to chill and relax. Enjoy the sun and sleep in a little… sadly not. Don’t take that as me being a miserable sod but do please appreciate what our staff do do.

Prior to that moment nevertheless, I went for a run. I do on a regular basis but the last few have been slower. Into the 5 minute per km bracket which for me, is slow. I’m now thinking my fitness has dipped or the wine, lockdown, whatever else is having an effect. I did joke at the start of this, some ten weeks ago that everyone else would return well toned, slim and super fit and I’d be a blob! I really can’t let that happen!

Anyway, take care and don’t forget to be kind like certain sections of the media have. Rewind ten weeks and we all agreed that kindness is key – ten weeks isn’t that long to forget it all.

Take care and be kind.

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