School’s Out – Day 45

7 x 5 = 45, so that is now 7 weeks of school closed to all but key workers and a minority. Hard times, difficult decisions and split opinions. Times like this we find out who has the emotional intelligence (reminds me very much that term of John Buttrick – star). The emotional intelligence to consider, respect and empathise with the views of others. We could very easily get into the game of criticising the decisions some make and them being wrong.

There are very few that are wrong in this situation, that is if you can comprehend the idea that being wrong now means deliberately putting people in danger. This kind of stuff now very much aligns to the work of social dilemmas. There are choices to make and whatever the choice, there are those that benefit and those that do not. Hard times and hard choices. For me, Paul’s book and what I know of the guy, this is what we need to do and great leaders do…

Expect nothing. Blame no one.

Do something.

from Half a Lettuce (Paul Sewell)

Had what should have been a straight forward day with time to get a few task off the list, turn into a day that was not so straight forward. Had a walk through school for the third time. Absolutely ready and a big thanks to the team both locally and wider afield. Went through the plan and risk assessments and had great feedback…

You have captured everything that I would expect to see.

Four remote meetings, a webinar, a walk and a podcast. All in the supposed 09:00 to 15:00 day in a school that some would suggest are shut. I again was discussing the quality of the team and the importance of culture. The two go hand in hand, done properly and certainly is what I am part of here. You can see that with how collaborative the planning has been and the clarity of direction, buy-in and a plan that all agree with, have contributed to and have no issue with. I am grateful for that and know the team are too. Parents likewise have shared the same and that is appreciated.

It is great to discuss these points with parents. It is also great that they share their views and demonstrate the earlier mentioned emotional intelligence and respect for the views of others. That too, I am grateful for.

Home time arrives and I decided to go for a run straight away this time – had to avoid the likely possibility that delaying it until after dinner would mean it did not happen. Managed a decent 6.66km but it was windy. I think I’d prefer to run up a hill than against the wind. The run did have both and the first 4km with a semi-decent speed was soon knocked back by the wind and slope. That aside, I ran, enjoyed the air and feel good for it.

So, keep safe, stay alert and all that stuff that is starting to lose its effect. Be safe in your families and cherish every day. Love life and love what you do.

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