Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 10

A few things on the list today and loads of time to get them and do them. Started off with a short run as I try to get some fitness back with the aim being: fit as a fiddle by the end of the summer break.

Kate went to The Kabin to make some masks. She has a good pattern now so she has a few orders for friends – various patterns available; I’ve gone plain black. Whilst Kate was there I ran a gentle 3.8km (approx). The list for the garden centre is ready.

Gentle morning run.

Having visited A couple of National Trust sites recently, we decided to get some herbs for the garden. Rather than plant them, there is a space on a wall we decided could be a good space to use. Six mini pots were bought and holes drilled. No idea if it would work but you have to have a go. Herbs planted (and a flower for a bit of diversity) and job done. I think it looks okay; just hope they grow and don’t die now.

The end of a school year means a little work now and again over the break. Today it was a few website updates and Google Classroom tidy. Staff are now in the right place on the website and the months of online daily plans removed, ready for the new year – the work that went in was quite astonishing, to think it was done individually by staff and appropriate for the children. The old Google Classrooms are now archived and somewhat sad, past pupils removed.

Everton won with a Richarlison header, set up by Gylfi. A great performance against a tough Sheffield Utd side. I’d heard how the Blades boss packs no punches in interviews. To see the rude nature of it was a shame, needlessly blunt with the interviewer’s legitimate question about top 6 now being unachievable. I think that the question was actually a complement and could have been answered as such. A shame in my opinion that he chooses to answer in such a manner. Nevertheless and more importantly, a win for the blues – Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.

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