Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 11

Another one of those days today where you go at a gentle pace but get a decent amount done. These are the kind of days you need as a teacher starting a holiday, to reclaim your mind and be ‘awake’.

Midday run.

Started off with another short run then Runtastic workout; tabletop crunch twists, hip drops and more. Always feel good after putting a bit of work in although it is a gentle work out, I should point out.

Dan decided that he wants to make a pinball machine with wood and nails so we raided the garage to see what we could use. It gave a great opportunity I do some tidying in their, which is now 80% complete. I’m doing so I found a probike spanner 🔧 – a great find as I was after one last week whilst away cycling.

Dan set to work on his pinball machine, sanding the wood, drilling holes, using screws and nails. To be fair he has done a great job and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a pretty good game design too and reminds me that when we, as schools, run fairs or similar, we should be getting the children to design and make the games for the stalls against the design technology curriculum.

Making his pinball machine.

Sorting the garage reminded me we have a tent to sell. Now we have the camper van the 8 man tent with living space and canopy is highly likely to be unused. It’s a great tent and will be sad to sell it, but it is large and just going to sit there in the garage.

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