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It’s Summer – Day 20

It’s the 20th day of the summer holidays and tonight I saw the greatest shooting star that I’ve ever seen before.

This morning I went for a run which took me across some farmers’ fields and something of about 6 km. It was so very hot but a beautiful run. The Malvern Hills looked great as a backdrop in the skyline.

Soon after Dodo, Ecky and Rich arrived and after lunch, we walked 7 km alongside the River Severn and back up to Upton upon Severn – the weather was scorching hot. On the way farmers were at work and the simplest of tasks were fascinating. Cutting the field; lining up the straw and then bailing it; as we walked, we watched. Field after field we progressed along the route and soon came back to Upton upon Severn.

Farmers at work.

After a relaxing and deserved drink, we returned to the campsite and enjoyed a relaxing BBQ. The shooting star was hard to miss if you were facing the right way – if say a 12 inch length at one point. Kate saw it too. A wonderful evening with a beautifully clear night.

Walking 7km.

Preparing for tomorrow, the cycle map of Worcester was and the table and a gentle 15km ride planned. That route is now plotted in Kamoot so we are looking forward to that.

Whilst the weather is this good, go out and enjoy it but get your suncream on.

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