Covid-19 / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 24 and 25

Back at home for the fourth week of summer and with the opening of David Lloyd, back to tennis, the treadmill and swimming.

A good 5km run prior to my tennis lesson on Monday, holding a steady 13kph. After the run, it was time for my tennis lesson. My back hand seemed pretty good and the forehand at times, quite decent. Now that David Lloyd swimming is open as well, it meant that Kate and Dan got into the pool and I’ll be looking to do that on Wednesday – like so many others I haven’t been able to swim since March.

Tuesday was a completely free day so I got a few small bits of school work done and ordered some presents from Amazon. That resulted in a drive to Nottingham and Dan was great, really trying to think of reasons why we were going and later doing really well not to let slip that we had been.

As times ticks to towards the end of the holidays and a return to school, procedures, checks and reassurances are needed. I’m still very much of the view that we need to get back and get in with it, but with great care and consistent distancing in groups. My view has not changed either in what we do when we return – thoughts of catch ups, intervention programmes and other ideas for me, are premature and presumptuous. For me we should get back and do what great teachers do – identify the next step and deliver it, as efficiently and effectively as possible. Those views however will be rubbished by others as their views and production of resources to do so will either make them money or earn them a title.

Watch this space and let’s see.

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