Campervan trip / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 30

Off in the campervan today for a week at Delamere Forest, enjoying the outdoors. Despite that along with Dan’s finger injury, the day started in the middle of a football pitch as a referee for an U11 friendly.

Helping out and doing stuff like reffing the matches are good, but you really do see the lack of respect from those at the side and some children playing. The rules are many and some quite complex, or if not complex seemingly so with interpretations. All good fun though and almost 5km covered during the 60 minutes of play.

A short walk through Delamere Forest.

Following the game we set off for Delamere, for more time in the Forest, walking and cycling. Pitched, awning sorted and all ready, we went for a short walk to check out the immediate area – that ended up being about an hour but it was a good recce of the place. We found the easiest ways to get to the walking and cycling tracks, as well as a little geocaching. There are a number of routes to explore, some clearly signposted and without the slopes.

Back at the van a new dish to try (for camping) – tacos 🌮. They worked really well so the range of easy meals is growing. A game of labyrinth later and the start of a film, the day was about over and all set for a good week ahead.

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