Campervan trip / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 31

Almost 20 km covered on the bikes today through Delamere Forest on a mixture of wide trails and narrow path routes. Great fun, great weather and finished with an ice cream at Delamere station. Beautiful days like these really should be treasured as when the holidays end and other demands resurface, they become hard to enjoy with the weekly demands of work.

Start of our route through Delamere Forest.

The route planned was very much a flattish one avoiding uphill climbs and as a result no downhill slopes. The reality however when out on the bikes was there were some up hill slopes that caused a dismount and a bit of pushing; and there were also some routes with stones, quite a descent and tree roots. These such a routes could be great fun in a few years time when Dan is a little older and does not have an injured finger, now isn’t the time!

The ride was really enjoyable though and great to find a little picnic bench high up in the woods at about 1 o’clock. It was a perfect spot to prop the bikes up against some trees and get out our lunch to enjoy in beautiful, natural surroundings.

Delamere Forest is a great place to visit and enjoy the various trials that you can decide which direction to go in with so many possible routes and variations. And a great bonus at the end of a route – to nip to the café at Delamere station and get a Sudbury’s ice cream as a reward.

Back at the campsite Dan went off and made some friends and they spent quite a bit of time building trails and playing games in the woods. The imagination, creativity and independence is great. A few games of Yahtzee and a bit more of a film finished the day off – another great day where if truth be told, it would be great to do this a lot more both in this country and in others, travelling and enjoying the outdoors.

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