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All in a Half-Term

Well, seven weeks on and being an educator, it is some achievement to have reached the first break of the academic year, in these current times, still smiling. As said today to a colleague who commented that I am still smiling; “Always” – what is the alternative? As we hit the mid-way point of October, we are reaching the time where coughs and colds and sneezes happen; so hard and nigh on impossible to know the difference between colds and Covid.

Not too sure when my last blog was… fully intended to keep the daily ones up but to be honest, they get a bit repetitive and even though they are just my reflections, for me, I was boring myself! Add to that, the last seven weeks have been hectic. Now however, we are a few weeks on and the actions of others; the stupidity of minorities; and the disregard for social distancing annoys. I am also proud of many things – funnily enough, they are the actions and behaviours of children – an example to others.

So what are you all up to over the next couple of weeks? For those in teaching and entering half-term, I hope you have some properly fabulous you time – you deserve it. For those with a. week to go, same message in a week’s time. It really is remarkable how we have managed to get the children back and the curriculum delivered. I have to share, I am not a fan of the idea of a recovery curriculum. Possibly something I shared in the past but great teacher deliver, day in and day out. The term ‘recovery’ in the current climate suggests we are doing something we would not normally do. Would we not normally plug any gaps; plan for and deliver the next steps? I’d suggest we would and many of us do!

Very much looking forward to tomorrow. Everton back playing and regardless, Up The Toffees! Despite the catch up, Ribena and early get up for football training, I’ll be supporting the blues. I think the likes of Dominic Calvert-Lewin should be a great inspiration to all. I was very fortunate back in April/June to get a call from the legend that is David Unsworth – we talked football and he had a special few words on Big Dom – ‘my player’. Pride quite rightly, knowing that whilst he was then, not up there, but knowing he would, in time. And now, he is! As an Everton fan I struggle to criticise anyone wearing the blue of EFC. Many however did but Big Dom is now living the dream and talking about it admirably, an example to others. Just hope we don’t lose now.

As I sit here listening to the music from Mac, it reminds me that life is much more than the much sought after results of my daily job- SATs. That aside, let’s talk work next time.

So, the boy is two doors down, babysitting and being, by all accounts a credit to humanity. Not over-reacting as when a ten year old entertains and makes the lives of a 5 and 3 year old enjoyable, I am proud. The wife if there too (obviously wouldn’t send Dan off on his own). I’m doing work and blogging – my choice to free up time next week so that is fine).

Hope you all stay safe and do what is required. If you need to isolate, do so and be positive about it – you are still here. If you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a break away – enjoy that too. Earlier on a track from my Mum’s playlist came on and she isn’t here now but if she was, she’d be just 70.

Live every day positively.

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