Covid-19 / School Days

All in a Day 8

A good day in all where various tasks have been completed and some great successes. Children really starting to lead and show what I would describe as outstanding qualities. I’ve said it before and will say it again; children can do anything if you allow them to.

Loads in school today wearing their Christmas jumpers for Save the Children. I had my Everton one on. If you read this, do me a favour and make a donation, if you can afford to do so for Save the Children. Check it out at There are so many children in the world that need our help so let’s give a little. The variety of jumpers also gave that bit of sparkle, something that I think helps the current situation with lots of smiles.

Tonight we watched A Miracle on 34th Street. Great film and heart warming when you think of what is important in life. How often do we take the time to reflect and consider others? Christmas shouldn’t be the time to reflect and do this – we should do so all of the time.

As we start another weekend I hope people follow the guidance for Covid. Too often I’m seeing or hearing of decisions that are poor, nothing close to the guidance. So many of us are working hard to be safe and keep others safe. We may be nine months into this pandemic and with the hope of a vaccine to get us back to normal, but we must keep our guard up.

Have a good weekend.

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