Covid-19 / School Days

Remote Learning – Day 20

For those that are still awake – very well done. There are so many things going well and many that we can keep improving on, but I’m certainly getting tired. I honestly think it is the lack of getting out there, running and doing the usual things I do; definitely we’d to rectify that.

A couple of busy days in front of the screen with webinars, Zooms and Google Meets. Managed to help a few parents with device issued and failed on the same too. The service offered really should get a review with positive customer service- go on!

Great Leadership Cafe to start the day with Challenge Partners. The opportunity to share ideas and steal things that others do is always great. I remember a number of years ago wanting to get a cross Authority network group started to hear from heads in schools across the country. We started it and it was successful. I do believe that group still meets.

The topic at the moment continues to be Covid and the remote learning that is rapidly developing. The number of children in school is a theme as is engagement. I do wonder why such things need to be an issue. Stuff happens and the same does not apply to all.

Had a few conversations today about future development. It is an interesting time and the changes should be exciting. The staff meeting was a good chance to share ideas and hearing the confidence of staff with Google Classroom, I’m near redundant.

A week to go now until we get to half term. I hope all in the teaching profession do have a good rest as it is well deserved.

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