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If you’re in the room…

Whilst training to be a teacher one of the tutors advised the whole group, “If you’re in the room, be in the room”. Tegid Philips was the tutor, the head of the physical education department and quite a man. Those words have never been forgotten and when I am sometime tempted to remain silent and not contribute, they inspire me to speak – positively of course.

I often wondered what it meant at the start, being in the room and really trying to understand it, but when you are at a conference or meeting and it’s all quiet it became so obvious what was meant. Everybody has an opinion on something and that may be a well-informed opinion or quite a poorly informed opinion – or perception. I also remember somebody saying perception is reality and it is so true. I really do not understand why so many people in life need to argue and battle and feel that they’re right.

Undoubtably there will be people that said I always had to be right and to a degree, I would agree. I had an opinion and it was an opinion based on my experiences and how I work and it’s been successful. I find solutions to problems that I personally don’t see to be a problem. If you’re going to be in the room, be in the room. If you’re part of something and there is some work to be done and ideas to be shared make sure you participate and don’t plead ignorance when you were at the very first meeting – it was very clearly explained and all questions answered. To query what something is about eight months later shows; well what does it show?

It’s been a very busy week and I seem to be saying that a lot lately but the last couple of days, with tasks thrown in by people that have a different set of standards to which you have to, despite what seem to be like bullying tactics, overcome. When we do something, let’s do it right. If it’s a path you walking on, would you be happy for your children to walk on that path? And I do literally mean a path.

There’s been some really good stuff happening as well. When you’re really busy and miss the chance to see in person the work going on, to see a post on Twitter or hear a comment about how people in your organisation are performing and what they’re producing; that makes you very very proud.

I went into a room this week and grabbed an electronic microscope. I know that sounds random but for me, why are microscopes just left in a cupboard and haven’t been touched for many years – if ever? To see how it worked I took one home and that resulted in hours of play where a 10-year-old boy was fascinated taking pictures of just about everything with this microscope and then creating quizzes and asking questions and just marvelling at the sites.

Are there any educators out there that love this science? Get involved because that’s an area that we are developing and I want it to happen at pace. Almost the weekend and it’s been a bit of a hectic week to say the least. Please do get in touch If you love science and want to explore and develop the opportunities for children in a school.

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