Surfing in the rain

Day 6 in St Ives and it has been a bit wet. It all started late in the evening and the patter of rain on the tent continued through the night, at times quite heavy.

However, the second surfing lesson of the week was due at 10:30 so we put on the wetsuits and got out there. To be fair, when you’re in the sea, the rain is irrelevant and all is quite therapeutic and you look for that next wave to ride.

It was a great two hours out there surfing with wipeouts for both Dan and myself. Seriously now considering getting a surfboard and dying my hair blond (last bit a joke).

Looking forward to a brighter day tomorrow and getting back in the sea. For all those in teaching, enjoy the well deserved holiday which for you probably started today. Is in Leicester are a week in.

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