First Week Break – The End

The end of the first week away in St Ives is almost at an end and the sun, sea and surf has been great.

Seven nights away and only two of those (as forecasted) with rain. All prepared and that aside, still donned the wetsuit six of the days as planned to bodyboard and surf. The days on the beach were great and a mention should go to the RNLI who were on the beach everyday ensure all were safe and giving the occasional announcement to keep all safe.

Today was probably the day where the waves and current cause a few swimmers and seafarers a little problem. I found myself going to the aid of a lady who was struggling between the waves and her husband was struggling on his own, he later said. My good deed for the day but something more seriously we should all remember, respect the power of the sea. It’s beautiful and relaxing in so many ways but also frightening and merciless in others.

Sandcastles complete, surf enjoyed and the BBQ eaten. Add to that the VW California Ocean explored, happy times once again and plans to roam Europe in the near future (Brexit allowing).

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