It’s been a thought provoking few weeks with time to reflect on the opportunities afforded to people and what one chooses to do when such opportunities present themselves.

A lot of the time of the last few weeks I’ve been asking colleagues and discussing ‘why?’ This has been great to really get all of us to really think about the reason we are making the decisions we make – very useful and powerful to ensure that we head in the right direction with real purpose. This ‘why’ has really helped us to focus further on an already pretty good paper that exists on our vision.

Having taken a group of children to a gymnastics competition it became quite apparent that we do so many great things and those things can be even greater. Discussing the opportunities that we give our children with a colleague led us to new decisions that will benefit more children with no additional work whilst helping more colleagues in their weekly work; seems like a win win to me.

Other events in recent weeks have helped me with my thoughts on what we read, research and do. Short articles from various sources can provoke some thought and provide a powerful discussion point with others to help develop practice and understanding of why we do what we do.

So… opportunities are great for all whether they lead to regular activities or engagements or not. Go grab them and learn about yourself and your ‘why’.

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