I’m alright, it’s the others!

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

Springing into the building with a smile bigger than the Amazon and deserving of a medal bigger than a dustbin lid, a wonderful colleague nearly always replied to the question “How are you?”, with “I’m alright – it’s the others!” Never a truer phrase said.

It would have been back in 2001 when I heard it, then processed it, then responded with a big smile and maybe a bit of an approving laugh. Colin was right in what he often said – it is the others!

Colin was a retired Chief Fire Officer and at the time, Chairman of Hull Kingston Rovers (HKR). As the school chair of governors he’d always make a point of visiting on a regular basis, supporting everyone whilst positively challenging and helping to drive improvement, doing so very successfully. He cared about people and it shone through.

Twenty two years have passed since we first met and to this day I do as he did, responding to the question of how I’m doing with, “I’m alright, it’s the others”. As Colin did, I try to look out for people and help them be their best. High expectations and a drive to do well, be positive and work hard with a smile.

Other sayings included the one about the dustbin lid. Thanking people for the smallest of things, Colin would tell people they deserved a medal. Not a small one, but a big one. A massive one, the size of a dustbin lid. I Berber actually saw one that big given but the gratitude was there and the people been told they deserved one appreciated it.

Another saying was a positive bit of humour when trying something new. “What could possibly go wrong… go wrong… go wrong… go wrong…” You get the idea! Always smiling, pushing, supporting and inspiring. Many people have favourite quotes, sayings, phrases etc…. Because of Colin, I am now the person using his line.

We’re alright, it’s the others!

Sadly, Colin died in 2018 so the occasional chats, the deep, but positive sayings are no longer said by him, but those that had the pleasure of knowing him will never forget the spring in his step. They’ll not forget the always positive manner (even when arguing for the greater good). I like many won’t forget that I’m alright, because it is the others.

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