School’s Out – Day 1

Well it’s the end of the day of Monday 23 March. Working in education, as a head of a school it has been a very busy couple of weeks, especially the last, getting ready to close the school. One would think (and many do) see this as a wind down and then nothing to do. On the contrary it is the opposite.

For the last few days of last week and the weekend I’d say it was pretty much smile, reassure, create and deliver. Smile to reassure 427 young children it will be alright, even with 854 (circa) worried parents, understandably unsure of what happens next; add roughy 40 staff that are also thrown into ‘what next?’ mode. Don’t forget the dozen or so links that provide music, clubs, yoga, swimming et al – and some sorta still go prancing about at the beech!

Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives

I really hope the latest, pretty clear message to stay indoors is listened to. If not, rightly so it will be enforced rather than strongly encouraged. I’m the head of a primary school; my wife is a primary school teacher in a different school; my 9 year old son goes to the local school. I’m pretty sure we deserve the chance to survive and be well.

We have to go to school and we do so knowing it enables the vital Key Workers to do their job – a vitally important one.

Times are very hard and to be fair, harder than many have ever known. Rather than argue it and moan the usual freedom has been taken away, embrace it and get out a pack of cards; read a book; start a conversation; learn to host a remote meeting. Do pretty much anything but do it indoors.

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