School’s Out – Day 2

What a weirdly odd day. Not really sure if that is proper English but…

Following the much stronger message that people should, unless absolutely necessary, stay at home from the PM yesterday (Monday evening), the feeling is somewhat a blur in that, life is no longer normal. A time for all to reflect and do their bit for the cause.

The PM did say that “No Prime Minister wants…” and it is so true for us all. No of us want to be restricted as to when we shop, what exercise we do nor who we see. However, these times are not normal and this is for our own good in the longer term. If people out there choose (whilst they can) to ignore it and find a loophole, then so many will not have the freedom at all and that is due to the fact they will no longer be!

In school with eight children of Key Workers is somewhat odd. I was pleased to hear that staff had set up a remote story with children at home and are making the efforts to connect and look after the mental health of all. What has happened is a huge increase in the ability to use tech to connect. When we come out of this there will be changes to how we work, connect and enable stuff to happen.

Just want to say thanks to all of those out their doing their jobs that are vital Key Worker roles. Also a thank you to all those that are, in these difficult days (and currently sunny), staying at home.

Take care. Stay at home and save lives!


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