School’s Out – Day 10

Two weeks of school being closed and now it is closed, for Easter. We clap the NHS and rightly so. There was a knock on the door tonight as a nurse arrived to pick up some headbands that Kate made to protect their ears. You have probably seen them – simple design where the mask elastic can go around the button to prevent the rubbing on the back of the ears – simple but effective.

It was quite touching to have a stranger at the door, fully appreciative and almost like we knew her, all due to the Coronavirus. When they then offer to pay it almost brings a tear to the eye. No way will they be paying for the headbands; they are a gift of gratitude.

So it is now the Easter break, officially. It won’t be a break though. We will (and with the very best of intentions and support for key workers) be available, supporting and there. Meant ally and physically we need to look after ourselves and those around us. We can do some jobs and get some overdue tasks completed. Please don’t complain though that you’re bored. You’re alive, for now, so appreciate that and the fact that your loved ones are.

21 years and counting…

21 years ago today I got married. Kate Johnson became Kate Kite. Great day and a day I’m grateful for. I’d do it all over again and would happily relive the day, every day. Thank you 🙏.

On that note, good night and god bless. Be safe, be sensible. Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. Eat lots of chocolate and have a great Easter.

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