School’s Out – Day 9

Another gathering on the doorstep at 20:00 tonight to give applause to the Key workers in the NHS. It was a pretty moving experience last week for the first time doing it and it was moving again today. I’m classes as a key worker, as a teacher, but I certainly don’t feel like I’m putting myself on the front line like I imagine doctors, nurses and other workers that face the ill and contagious may do. Maybe I’m wrong, but that is how I feel. I know I have colleagues that certainly do feel different and feel vulnerable. As I say with many things, just respect the view of others and don’t judge.

On the way home from work today I stopped off to do the shopping. I do like baked beans but yet again the shelves were empty of them. The same for frozen peas and sweet corn. Cue a joke with my brother in law about not eating enough veg. As much as I’d love to Rich, I can’t find any! Custard cream biscuits were the fourth item on the list I could not find. It wasn’t until later in the evening that Kate asked if they had any other biscuits. I guess I’ve not quite been programmed to pick alternatives. If it is not on the list, it isn’t wanted in my mind. Get in; get the items; and get out. That is my type of shop.

One day left before the Easter break. Not that it will actually be a break. Well done to the parents that have almost survived two weeks. Well done to the teachers that have so admirably provided great learning opportunities remotely. Well do generally to all for taking the required steps to support what is required to beat the virus – we will, in time, with patience.

Be strong all and be sensible. Stay home, safe and protect your loved ones.

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