End of a Working Easter

It’s Saturday and the end of the two week Easter break. But if a different Easter break though as there has been no going away, travelling and the trip to Center Parcs was cancelled. At the end of the day, it is right to stay home and save lives.

Another three weeks (minimum) lockdown has been announced and many comments made, predicting the return to school for many very soon. Can’t say I quite understand that one – let’s get all of the children together in mass groups yet maintain social distancing for all. I do think some people need to make things up but having said that, I may be wrong and schools return soon.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of queuing for shopping like never before. The queue I think was about the length of four footy pitches. Fortunately the weather was good so I was able to chill, check my emails and refrain from lamping the guy behind me that thought 2m is only really 1m. It is a surprise really that there have not been more incidents of social brawling.

I had a great chat with a friend today (and another yesterday on the same topic) about how work and the ways of living need to change when all of this Covid19 ends. We are now seeing how there is more to life that SATs, material things and Ofsted judgements. Sadly however, we agreed that give it a few months, the habits of old will return; I hope we are wrong.

So it’s back to school on Monday. I want to get a podcast going to get the communication going more than already sorted. A chance to help those disconnected and a bit of familiarity for those that needed – watch this space.

Sunday looms now and I wish you all well. Be safe and take care. Thoughts for me now are with a wonderful person who was once my chair of governors who’s father passed away yesterday. Life is pretty crap at times. Be strong. In these difficult times, stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.

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