School’s Out – Day 11

The end of the Easter break is now past and the children (well some) are now back at school. The weather to be fair has been super which I hope for many has helped with us all being in lockdown and hopefully adhering to the guidance to stay home. Spare a thought though for those without a garden of any kind, confined to an inside confined space with limited natural daylight.

For the first day back at school for some, it will not have been the first day back for many children of Key Workers nor the staff of schools who will have volunteered (or other) to go in and forego their break. Thank you to all of those that did offer and deliver.

Back in school the children will be getting back to the world of remote learning where school staff have so brilliantly upskilled themselves and adapted to a very different way of working. As a teacher, believe me, we do not go into the job to work remotely and be distanced from others. We very much want to interact, question, engaged and enable learning.

This is now the start of the third week of school being closed (some most). It is a time where we are still very much new to the remote methods, yet transitioning into a better, more consistent and more effective way of enabling learning opportunities. Maybe also towards ensuring the novelty for for has now gone and more encouragement needed.

Whatever it is and wherever we are – well done all for doing what you can. Hard time for many and whilst it is difficult, please do not forget that there are people out there suffering in greater ways. Friends, families and colleagues with news of people taken from them for ever. Succumb to the indiscriminating Coronavirus.

Be safe and be careful. Follow the guidelines and take stock of what you have and of that, what is the most important.

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