School’s Out – Day 14

Second day of home schooling for me and started the day better than yesterday. Got up and completed Joe Wicks’s morning workout with Dan. The sun was shining so we went for an outdoor workout which gave us a bit more space.790D78DF-F037-427B-94DC-24C10603C63A

Unlike yesterday, Dan didn’t quite get it all done by 09:00 but as usual, mathematics was tackled first and was done by 09:30. Great weather certainly helps, enabling the garden to be enjoyed in between teaching, meetings, food and games.

Interestingly, the comments from Monday (Day 11) about encouragement and the turning of the tide with criticism possibly starting is apparently happening, according to colleagues. Comparisons between schools and classes when key workers are, alongside staying safe, providing lessons is a shame. Please don’t and put things into perspective and remember that we are in different places; in different contexts; and have different strengths.

If I were to work out today’s schooling timetable for my son, he probably worked for 2.5 to 3 hours. That is proper work and supports my view of a 10:00 to 14:00 school day. We threw a ball to each other. Shot some hoops – Dan better than me, nearly. We played some football. It was a great day and he did some great English, maths and history. Amusingly he did say when Kate got home that he never got a break with me or a proper lunch-time. Oops!

It is back to work for me tomorrow and Kate takes over again with Dan’s home schooling. Whatever we do and how, please don’t criticise because some are coping better than others. Don’t judge because some are more technically prepared at present. Enjoy the time with your child and play some games. Stay safe and live to enjoy another day.

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