School’s Out – Day 15

Three full weeks of school have now passed of being closed. Add to that two weeks of Easter that was not a holiday. The sun is still shining but the isolation, the fragmentation of socialising, the familiarity of the abnormal is here.

Some things are precious in life; I’d say that is life. Some things really do not matter. Some people get it, positively and some just complain. I was in school today and the positivity is evident. Very pleased that after showing a child the basics of creating a podcast on Tuesday resulted in the sharing of the school’s third podcast today. Pretty good turnaround. There are great opportunities for us to learn and move forward on many fronts. I do hope that we do.

These new times with quite different working days have allowed time for some reflection. It’s amazing how some people help each other and others can’t be bothered to respond nor contribute. It’s interesting how some dictate with no thought nor care for the well-being of others. Also interesting as I jump about in topics, how so many seem to know we are returning to normality in schools in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure the DfE had said there are no plans and unless I’ve missed the announcement of the vaccine, I can’t see how it is going to happen just yet. Unless of course we are taking one for the team.

“Today, give yourself permission to be outrageously kind, irrationally warm, improbably generous. I promise it will be a blast.”

Sasha Dicter

When schools do eventually return, what is needed and what is important? If you’re a parent, what do you want and what are you comfortable with?

Repeating previous statements, be kind to others and help them, don’t hinder. Don’t criticise, blame nor moan. Be kind.

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