School’s Out – Day 17

The end of another day in lockdown yet working in a confined space. I’m lucky though as I get to walk around the garden many many times supporting Dan on his charity walk for the NSPCC to Goodison Park. I do also get to go out for a run. A fair few miles being clocked up at the moment.

Even within tight, close(ish) groups, the views vary greatly and challenges come to light that would ordinarily not be there. How do people go about resolving them when others are unwilling (or maybe unable) to see? In my particular group I see lots of positivity. I do see people working together and recognising and responding in a way that acknowledges the difficulties and the differences. There are many though (maybe getting fed up of being constrained) that want to impose their ideas and personal views on all others. It really is hard to remain quiet when such things happen and either do, or threaten to, affect you when they do not have to.

Maybe it is a bit like a shop now where there are still marking for social distancing, yet the lack of intelligence of some shoppers ignoring it. I do think many of us do very well not to cause a disturbance in public – self discipline and restraint is a positive virtue.

Lap tally

Tallying the laps of the garden.

Dan continues to lap the garden. He has raised just over £700 now and that is excluding gift aid. The rain came down but dan continued to walk and did so of his own accord. We actually had to tell him to stop and make sure he would be well enough to continue to the very end.

I hope all are staying safe and not taking needless risks. Be resilient and whilst a tough journey, more of us can come out of it alive and then support those that need the support.

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