School’s Out – Day 18

18 days of school being closed. Not even four weeks yet there are many now calling for schools to return despite the fact that the Coronavirus is still out there, uncontrolled and taking the lives of many thousands, even those that have attempted to maintain social distancing and respected its severity. Why on earth are there people that think schools should return and will somehow all be fine – absurd!

Go back to school – work the weekends (like you are not already) – go through the holidays – plan for social distancing at school.

It is staggering to think that there are so many that think a 2m distance is possible at a school. I’m not too sure about secondary but I certainly don’t see it as possible in a primary (without totally having no regard for the emotional wellbeing of the 4 to 11 year olds).

A trip to Sainbury’s today was bad enough and I would be willing to bet there were less children in that bigger space than a portion of the school population. Could the shoppers maintain social distancing? Absolutely not. I found myself muttering; commenting and cursing the inconsiderate trolley pushers that had masks and gloves and deemed that good enough to disregard all others.

What do people really, honestly, truly think? I think it was SOD11 (interesting abbreviation there) when I eluded to the feeling that the limited ability of many was starting to show. We want it all and with no effort. We want our freedom and our implied right to wander free and brush shoulders with whoever we like. At the same time we want pay, unhindered and untouched to be a two car 56″ screen smart tv family. Make some choices people and respect others whilst you do. You want to risk someone’s life, go risk your own.

When a 9 year old boy trudges daily around a garden to raise money for others less fortunate, it is a wonder that older and supposedly more experienced people are given air time.

Bit of a rant there – thanks 🙂

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