School’s Out – Day 19

Clap for Carers at 20:00. Heard a little of Boris Johnson just after 17:00. Woke up late at 07:15!!!! Other than that it was a pretty good day with remote yoga sessions sorted at school; a great chat with colleagues across the country via Zoom and a staff quiz to test something for parents.

Walk to Goodison

Now I am sat in the camper van as Dan has a Camp at Home bight for Cubs. Under a little supervision, he has lit a fire and watched it whilst walking around the garden (about 55 miles of his walk to Goodison completed). He had to cook for us also (Home Help badge) and he did a great job with a creamy cheese pasta. He has packed his bag (not leaving but for camping). I wonder whose idea it was for us to go camping mid-week, when I am working tomorrow. Must remember to set the alarm night though.

Out of interest, I went into a classroom today with a metre stick. It is interesting to see how many you could have in the room whilst maintaining a 2m distance; have a guess how many? If we are to have children return and maintain social distancing, there won’t be many returning or the recommended distance I suspect will reduce.

Time to continue being engaged in this home camping and save Kate from the constant nattering of a young lad walking from Leicester to Everton; from the constant hugging of a lad who seems okay but may well be getting clingy into the sixth week of lockdown…

Be safe all. Stay at Home. Save the NHS. Save Lives.

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