School’s Out – Day 21

Can you believe that we are now starting the 7th week of lockdown? Each day for me, I am seeing and hearing of more people starting to find the distance difficult, in terms of not seeing and physically interacting with friends, neighbours and colleagues. If possible, I do think we need a push and reminder about being kind and looking out for those around us.

Today was a pretty busy day, as Monday’s seem to be, with numerous video calls. It is great to connect and support. Great also to have a project to get engaged in. Come the afternoon though I really did start to feel tired like I haven’t for many weeks now. Just wondering, is this a break needed? Odd as I don’t really feel like I am doing lots (but I am).

Walking for the NSPCC

May the 4th is (not obvious for all), Star Wars day. A lot to fit into the day for some of us. Dan completed a lot of his school work (including some for the days ahead), allowing time for other things on the list. By the end of the day, we also fitted in half of the new Star Wars episode, The Rise of Skywalker and 6.6km of the journey to Goodison. Dan has now walked 71.76 miles (115.49km), completing 3613 laps of the garden, raising £941 so far (not including gift aid) for the NSPCC.

“I have made mistakes, but I have never made the mistake of claiming I never made one.” (James G Bennet)

Time to go but please all, take care of each other and value what you have.


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