School’s Out – Day 22

Just had a good laugh, watching Not Going Out with Lee Mac – great comedy that you used to watch loads. Lots of serious stuff going on at the moment so it was very welcome. There are a good number of proper comedy programs that are very much light hearted and somewhat therapeutic – my opinion anyway.

Walked a good two and a half kilometres around the garden with Dan tonight. The times really does fly the way he natters and amusing himself (and me) with pretend remotes, singing, skipping and tales of the day. Not too sure the neighbours would really find his version of various songs pleasing to the ear. Nevertheless, it is another 6.6km towards Goodison Park for the NSPCC.

Today I learnt so much about technology (or a part of it) as well as reinforcing the fact that with some purpose, you really can rapidly progress in your understanding of something. It is quite amazing the information that is out there and retrievable, enabling you to find the answers to questions you have. That all sounds quite cryptic I guess. Basic fact is though, if you want to learn something and take some time to, you can and you will.

As day 23 draws to a close I am starting to look back on the previous days and wonder how much they are all so very much, not quite the same, but almost. The highlight of the day for me (besides the learning of IT stuff), was listening to, and engaging in conversation (loosely termed) with, a lad which a clear picture of what he wanted to do and the humour of a fire exit sign by a fireplace. Does not sound that funny but the situation then was.

As things seem to be edging towards some kind of return to school, return to work and reuniting with friends/family, be cautious and stay safe.

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