Stop, Step Back and Keep Your Distance!

Yeh right! For a couple of weeks now the complacent, ignorant and dare I write it… idiotic ways of people has been a growing concern. More cars. More gatherings. The brushing of shoulders. I do appreciate that over time things start to appear normal, for some. For others who have lost family or friends, maybe not.

The start of a bank holiday and as predicted, some just can’t resist the chance to relax and pretend nothing is wrong. People getting too close. “I’m having a party for my child who doesn’t understand. Please don’t call the police.” A nurse, none the less! Pillock all the more.

Pillocks Gallore

I was in work on Friday. In a school with eight children of key workers. It is hard, in my opinion impossible to social distance in a school. It is not easy to accept though to take these risks for the other key workers to come home and see and hear of some with total disregard for others. Maybe I’m being harsh and it is total ignorance in the nicest way possible.

I have been outside the house, chatting from a distance to neighbours from the front of the house. I played Kerby with my son and reminisced on the rules with a neighbour from over the road. I’ve tried to, wherever possible to maintain a distance from others. At work – at school – I can’t. I risk my health here and that of my family. I also worry I risk theirs. But for the greater good, I do.

I hope the family not that far away enjoyed their party with friends on the bouncy castle. I hope they don’t get it and don’t infect others.

Dan has completed another 5km of the garden today. Over £1000 raised so we are pleased. We are lucky and fortunate. Others are not. Be safe and best wishes.

Read an article today about schools returning. Interesting how this new situation has some recommending good reads and valuable docs. Anything at present is very much just an opinion, as is mine. How on earth can people say what is good and will work with so much diversity? Ivory towers spring to mind. Some countries have said they will not opening until the new academic year. Seems sensible to me but that of course won’t help the economy.

Proper Posh

Highlight of the day however, other than The House of Anubis (and afternoon tea), was the promise of transport changes to promote and enable better travel for cyclists and pedestrians.

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