School’s Out – Day 25

5 weeks and Easter included, 35 days of school with a difference. I love this gorgeous weather but mix it with a bit of complacency and you have – Covid catastrophe. People, this is not over and cracking on with life, I’m all for it but be sensible, please.

Boris is making his announcement I hear on Sunday. The day many expect to hear it is all fine now. Miraculous turnarounds and children back to school. No risk – maybe actually let’s just get them back and kill a few thousand to help reduce NHS waiting lists and pension deficits. There and idea.

Just imagine if the distance for social distancing is reduced and miraculously we can get more in a class. Just imagine if specific year groups get priory for SATs or GCSEs. Hmmmm. Not sure that one year is more worthy than another and it really matters. Test… living…. test… living… think I’ll go for living thanks.

Well done my son. Over £1000 now raised for the NSPCC by walking around the garden. You’re not Captain Tom but a nine year old lad doing this for others is fab. Keep going and complete the journey. 118 miles in the safety of the garden.

VE Day for the Key Workers’ Children

Great day at school today. The bunting was raised for VE Day and the children made scones. After that, a game of pairs cricket with my personal highlight being my cat like dive to my left to catch the ball in three fingers, airborne. When colleagues say it would have looked good on camera, you know it was spectacular!

Remember all, life is precious and resilience is key. Be strong and keep your distance. Don’t assume you’re immune and take risks. It is hard, but stay home and save lives. Yours and those you love.

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