School’s Out – Day 26

Another Monday as the weeks roll by, Coronavirus, please just die!

Shall stop the poetry right there – not planned but just the way the words rolled out. Lots of confusion it would seem from so many following the Mr Johnson announcement last night. I think, to be fair, he was on a a hiding to nothing and if you listen carefully (or read the statement thoroughly), it is not all that confusing really, if at all. I do also believe that he has been pressurised into announcing dates and steps and who, what, how etc… when in my opinion, he has been very reluctant to do so in the past. On that basis, people got what they wanted without getting what they wanted!

So, less than three weeks to go until the CONDITIONAL return to school for three primary year groups. Social distancing for those will be a very interesting effort. In that time it will be interesting to know which eligible children’s parents will want or indeed choose to send their child in. Some I suspect will and some won’t, for various reasons. Time also to find out who, as far as school staff, is able to return (or not more importantly) for various reasons including their own health and the implications of their own families. Watch this space – or another space I guess.

Paul Sewell

Great, positive point of the day for me to totally switch topics – I received a gift through the post. Thank you D
r Paul Sewell OBE for the book. Funnily enough, I was thinking of pinging an email over very soon to connect, touch base and ask after you. Not too sure why I am writing this as you won’t read it – is that now a LOL moment? Had a quick flick through the book and great to see the various sayings, quotes and memories such as JFDI, culture, people, investment and team. Things I have taken with me and won’t ever forget – top bloke. Shall call soon to say hello.

For the rest, take care and be kind to yourselves. These are hard times and now in the eighth week, mentally getting tougher.


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