School’s Out – Day 27

These days are now flying by, possibly with the planning, speculation and continuation of the work that has never stopped. I hope people are okay and can do what they need to, with the belief that in time, we will get through this.

The lack of proper interaction for many is really hard and I wonder if that is what drives people to push too soon for a return to what was before. I was told that some people think this is all a conspiracy and no one has really suffered. Those people in that world must be very fortunate. I know of a couple that have died and some that were quite ill.

In the garden, Dan is nearing the magnificent Goodison Park on his walk from Leicester to Everton. He has now passed the 100 mile marker and is on the M56, 14 miles away from the finish – this is of course virtually around the garden. By the end of this week, he should get there.

5252 laps of the garden so far. Leicester to Goodison around the garden.

The new slogan containing Stay Alert has been criticised by many. On reflection it is understandable – you have to stay alert to keep the distance when others don’t! Whatever the slogan, branding, message or thoughts, do stay alert, stay safe, be careful and be kind. There are lots of people suffering as invisibly as the virus.

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