School’s Out – Day 30

Arrived home today to learn that Dan had just 20 laps of the garden left on his walk from Leicester to Goodison Park, Everton. He started the walk for charity (the NSPCC) three weeks ago, 118 miles in total around the garden, day after day. Yes, the weather has been kind to him, unlike Speedo Mick, but nevertheless, through the rain and on colder days; after a day full of school work and on his own, he kept going and completed it.


Eight weeks have now passed since Friday 23rd March when schools closed for the majority. I need to be careful with that line as we never did close. We have actually been open more, right through Easter the plan for the upcoming half-term the same (including the Easter and upcoming Bank Holiday). For teachers, the suggestion that they are on an extended holiday is totally inaccurate. They are actually working harder now (that I know of) with the constant online sessions, never turned off access and planning increase in ways, making everything needed available online – there are current methods that require more admin for them. That said, the quality can’t possibly be better as the contact and interaction is the magic of teaching that helps children, something many home schooling right now will quite possibly be realising.

For many in the teaching profession, there is great appreciation. For some however (maybe many also) there is none, through ignorance. I appreciate all of those in education. I also appreciate those in the NHS, drivers, scientists, police and others I won’t even know about, that help keep it all running. Be thankful, not spiteful – and celebrate what you want to see more of.

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