School’s Out – Day 29

Three weeks ago Daniel started walking around the garden with a 118 mile journey ahead of him. He’d raised nothing for the NSPCC at that point and hoped to raise £100. Having now walked . 114 miles (in laps of the garden) he has £1061 raised and that doesn’t include the £239 gift aid that makes that £1300.

Virtually here on the way to Everton.

The planning and thoughts of how best to return to school are underway and there are so many caveats to it all. First and foremost we must keep our children as safe as possible. Equally so, staff too. Building space and layout determines what is possible. But you can plan and do so wasting time without the knowledge of numbers and without the correct guidance. I will be thinking of all those going through these plans at present.

Whilst there appears to be an army of teacher badgers in the media (both social and national) at the moment, thanks to those that thank the profession of school staff. It is national Thank a Teacher Day interestingly and I received a call at school to give huge thanks to all that in the words of the parent, “… are going well above and beyond, making our days manageable.” The phone call was appreciated and will be shared with staff.

So as we enter Friday, I hope the plans go well; Dan completes his walk and there is less bashing of anyone in any profession – do what is needed with kind thoughts rather than what is not with the negative.

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