School’s Out – Day 31

Monday back at school, or not the case may be. Some days are certainly harder than others and can be quite frustrating, remote meeting after remote meeting whilst neglecting the home learning needs of your own – and we are all in the profession, sitting about doing nothing on an extended holiday, according to some in the media.

Advice is always great to have. Helpful ideas are useful. New ideas and sharing is good. Advice can help the workload. Repeating myself there but that is the world and current situation. The same helpful advice coming in slightly different formats day after day. I remember when I was a Headteacher Ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust and one of the things we, as heads, identified as not helpful, was too much os the same, similar resource being shared one after the other. Rather than help it drowns you in needlessly distracting material. That is not a moan as I know it is all very well intended. Updates and new learning is vital to know. The same thoughts in a different format is not.  Talking to a colleague a few weeks ago we discussed the annoyance of being asked a question and responding, only for nothing to change – very clearly the response was not read rather than not agreed with – why bother?

In the world of home schooling (albeit for my son today, independent), the topic is music. Create a musical instrument ready for Thursday’s Clap for Carers – I do feel for the neighbours sometimes. It was great to see (and hear, honestly) the pots and pans and lids and other arrays of kitchen equipment out and a 15 piece drum kit was assembled. Sorry again to the neighbours next door. The elastic bands were put around a tin and twanging started – that was hugely quieter. We discussed blowing into empty bottles in the absence of wind interments but I thought emptying the beer bottles was a bit extreme so early in the day, so we skipped that one. A bit later in the day we got the guitars out and strummed a tune. Not sure Dan thought that was as much fun as the drum set he made.

The daily battle with Covid-19 continues and we plan, prepare, lead and share. That is great and helpful. Simple plans that will be effective are being formulated. Listening to a TED Talk, a great line was said which made me smile…

The first first to check when having an argument with an idiot is, check they are not doing the same.

A great talk explaining the thinking behind incompetent people thinking that they are amazing – the Dunning-Kruger Effect – it also mentions how highly effective people fail, assuming others understand. On that note, take care.

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