School’s Out – Day 32

It was not supposed to be a busy day, but it was. One meeting of no more than two hours, chaired by myself and all planned. The rest of the day, supporting, helping planning and catching up. These things never quite happen like you hope. That said, it wasn’t a bad day.

Going through the possible plans for welcoming some children back to school was reasonably straight forward. You basically walk through the day in the steps of the people and be very fresh about it – no need to do the usual, normal stuff that usually happens. Plan for the moment and what works. I always find it intriguing as to why people do the same old thing all of the time.

Purpose above a vision. Vision above strategy. A strategy above a plan.

Paul Sewell

A few conversations with colleagues was had and I am pleased to be able to say, the mood is good. We have a great team and that really does make a difference. Great people that are valued deliver and lead when it matters.

Can you name it?

The end of the day was probably the most interesting, kind. The phone goes and Kate tells me there is a swarm of bees in the bedroom – hundreds of them. Who you gonna call….? No idea! I drive home and yes, there were loads, possibly hundreds. After the removal of said creatures by carefully guiding them out of the window, it transpires they are not bees, but some kind of impersonator.

Another day gone and not a great deal to report. People on reflection though, are valuable and make the difference. Don’t take them for granted.

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