School’s Out – Day 35

It is 22:00 at night and officially, the start of the half-term break. Usually at this point many in the teaching profession would be either asleep; on their way somewhere for a short holiday; or relaxing with family (or alone), relaxing. This start of the half-term break is different. It is not so relaxing (whilst we must ensure we do). Some will recommend having a well deserved break and time for themselves over the next week. Many won’t though as many schools remain open to support the children of Key Workers.

On the above point, of those remaining open, interestingly, they are not the ones that are complaining. They are the ones that are going above and beyond. They are increasing the risk of themselves and family members getting ill. They are doing what they think is right for the greater good.

When we think of the greater good (and we must), do so with pride. The current predicament we find ourselves in is so terribly hard. There are no easy answers and neither are there any easy choices. The current debate about staying at home versus getting back to work (and I am not only talking about the teaching profession), is an interesting and fractious one. I do think though, that we need to be brave and take the step, a big step, forwards. As a colleague in discussion with me today said, and totally right; “We don’t all live in big detached houses with a garden.” He is absolutely right and pleasingly, totally in agreement with my personal opinion, that we need to start going back. In doing so, with carefully, meticulously thought out plans that are adapted with every bit of new guidance and thinking going.

Pursue and demonstrate new and better behaviours – all of the time.

Stephen Covey

Today I had probably seven conversations (maybe more) on the same subject. Positive thinking, big picture, carefully planned and cautious but solution focused stuff. At this point, for the record, I am pleased to be where I am with the team I am part of.

Difficult times need difficult decisions. If you want a positive outcome, go into it with a positive mindset and win the battle. Take care, be safe and do what you need to.

Enjoy the break (if you are getting one).

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