School’s Out – Day 34

Some days are great and others not so much. Today started brilliantly. Positive, together, purposeful and altogether good! Onto the next call – negative, going round in circles, problem focussed and totally a waste of time. It’s a good job I can step back and take stock of those with whom I’m associated and can smile. I think it was René Carayol that said…

Here’s the solution. Now tell me the problem.

René Carayol

It’s that kind of exposure that really does help. Another great help is knowing and having been in the company of great people. At 15:00 the phone rings. It’s Paul (Sewell). Talked for maybe 15/20 minutes and reminisced on the positive people, the positive cultures, the positive full stop. If Covid doesn’t kill us then the extreme poverty will. We need to get back to work and be anal about the safety, but JFDI! They were pretty much Paul’s words.

Leaders don’t lead in a crisis. They lead so the team can lead.

Paul Sewell, today

The earlier meeting did annoy me and resulted in me sharing those views. To be fair, the response was positive, apologetic and as such, progressive.

The point about the return is a good one though and we must not be niece thinking we will be fine for ever. Some brave decisions need making. Absolutely not reckless ones, but brave ones. Do the homework, following the plan and deliver.

Easier said than done I know.

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